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CCI can provide services from complete turnkey, grassroots facility permitting to providing permit modifications or exemptions for small facilities. We work with design engineers at the initiation of a project to develop the needed data and information to include in the critical air permit application process to assure that the permit review and public comment period progress smoothly. Development of applications for permits and permit modifications

This includes the facility-wide evaluation to assure that all sources of pollutants are identified, the actual emission rates or potential to emit rates are evaluated, and necessary startup, shutdown, and malfunction plans are identified. Controls and reporting processes and frequencies are identified and tabulated. The application is "shepherded" through the regulatory process to assure timely and accurate reviews. Assistance is provided at public meetings and hearings, as needed. Develop and update Emissions Inventory Questionnaires (EIQ)

The development of the EIQ is an integral part of the permitting process; we use site-specific data or accepted EPQ sources to develop this critical permit component.

Regulatory Interpretation

We frequently assist clients in determining the applicability of current regulations and proposed rulemaking on their operations. We are experienced in providing assistance in management of consent decrees and in developing planning and budgets to comply with them. Air Toxics Permitting and Compliance.

We have experience in developing air toxics permitting applications, and in assisting clients in tracking emissions to assure compliance. We have helped clients synchronize the purchasing process with compliance reporting to ease the regulatory reporting burden.