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Feasibility studies

Typical project experience includes working with site selection consultants to identify early on potential problems such as jurisdictional wetlands, sensitive environments, drainage/flooding issues, and air quality requirements.


We work with licensed surveyors to develop preliminary plats during the subdivision or resubdivision process. Out team provides on-site surveying services during construction including stake out and development of as-built drawings when improvements are completed.

Drainage Impact Studies

A critical concern of developing civil projects is defining the impact the development will have on the existing watershed. We conduct drainage impact studies to determine post-development impact, and then design solutions that assure the development will comply with applicable local ordinances. Solutions may include detention ponds or swales, designed wetland areas, and vegetative stormwater controls.

Traffic studies

We work with clients and regulatory agencies to develop and implement traffic studies that are required for new or expanding facilities. We have conducted traffic counts and have performed noise impact analyses for projects such as proposed subdivisions, new roadways, and for proposed roadway improvements.

Rezoning and re-subdivision of property

Many greenfield projects require that the subject property be re-zoned and/or subdivided prior to commencing with final design or construction. We work with agency personnel to identify potential hot-button issues, and have also been team members when controversial projects required public relations, legal advisors, and economic development specialists to "shepherd" a proposed project to completion.

Site Design

The successful completion of the tasks above culminates in the development of detailed engineering design plans. We work with our client partners during the design process and with the local oversight agency to ensure timely and responsive reviews. Our qualified team members interface with site contractors during the construction process and we provide oversight of the installation of the infrastructure improvements as part of construction management services.