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Biological Treatment

Our personnel have conducted research funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and private clients concerning the degradation of solid and hazardous wastes, as well as non hazardous oilfield wastes. Part of the approach that is unique to CCI is 1) the development of microbial cultures targeted specifically for the material to be treated and 2) the utilization of kinetic data design systems capable of degrading substances long considered to be non treatable by biological populations. The kinetic data is developed in-house for the specific waste it is desired to treat. Our services include:

  • Development of specialized, adapted microbial populations for specific wastes or waste streams
  • Bio- treatability studies
  • Engineered designs for waste treatment
  • Regulatory permitting of on-site biological treatment cells
  • On site bioremediation and turn-key bioremediation project management
  • Training of personnel for system operation
  • Development and implementation of on-site bioremediation project soil and groundwater monitoring programs
  • Emissions quantification
  • Closure certification