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Remediation Services


For contaminated sites, CCI provides services in the areas of site assessment, including sampling and analyses of contaminants concentrations; engineering analysis of contaminant transport in soils and groundwater; the development and implementation of cleanup techniques for releases to soils and groundwater; and regulatory permitting and interaction necessary to implement corrective actions. We have worked on Superfund sites, solid/hazardous waste sites, and non-hazardous oilfield waste sites. Typical services include:

  • Assessment and management of contaminant plumes in soils and groundwater
  • Surface and subsurface soil investigations
  • Monitor well system design, installation and sampling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Remedial alternative evaluations and action plans
  • Risk assessment and impact
  • Preparation of Site Investigation and Sampling plans
  • Development of quality assurance/quality control plans
  • Preparation of endangerment assessments
  • Field activities/monitoring equipment
  • Identification of remedial alternatives
  • Site Management, Construction Supervision and Operation
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Closure Confirmation/Verification for Closure Criteria Attainment